Perfectly Imperfect: When your Ying & Yang Do Not See Eye-to-Eye | Yoga

I got asked the other day if my husband and I saw eye-to-eye on our beliefs.  Although I love my husband dearly, we are complete polar-opposites when it comes to a few key things.


I am a jogger and a yogi.  I love to be active and moving.  I do it as a way to release my stress and anger and to better myself for me.

My husbands ideal of exercise is walking to the kitchen for a snack!

Healthy Eating

I try to, almost always, eat healthy food.  Having a balanced diet, eating what comes from the ground and staying away from processed foods wherever I can.

My husbands idea of healthy eating is “You gave me veggies for dinner tonight, I ate healthy today”. He will eat carrots, raw as well, but I’m pretty sure the massive amount of Ranch that he uses per carrot cancels the healthy out.



I do not partake in hunting. I believe that there is a time and place for hunting but only if the whole animal is used in some way.  Guns scare me, but I know how to use the ones we own for my own protection and need.

My husband loves guns. He is fascinated by them.  He recently took up hunting and helped a friend that has a farm harvest his chickens.

Blood and guts are nothing for him.  I see a squirrel on the side of the road and I almost pass out.

Dietary Restrictions

I recently went Gluten Free.  It was a lifestyle decision for my body. I do not make a big deal about it when I go out, or am at someone’s house.  I did it for me and my health and I feel better for it.  I also cut back on my dairy intake and switched to Almond Milk where I can.

My husband thinks I’m crazy and need my head examined, although I have been to the doctors and she says I am better than I was a year ago :p

He could have Gluten for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week.  He also downs glasses of milk daily. Peanuts make him sick if he eats too many, but he still buys them and eats them by the handful!  He is my Superman 🙂  (He is not allergic, he has been tested)

Mind Set

I am book smart (as its called).  I bury my head in books, facts and information. I like to get things done, but do not like doing them.  I get things done when they come up and never put anything off.

My husband is strong like a bull, but stubborn like a fox.  He can solve any problem and build just about anything.  He procrastinates until the last minute or I have bugged him so much that we get into an argument over it. He is the problem solver of the family and everyone (friends and family) turn to him for advice and knowledge on all things. He is my genesis.

Tea or Coffee? Beer or Wine?

I like Tea and Wine.  I hate the smell and taste of Coffee and Beer.

My husband lives off of Coffee and Beer.  Water?  What is that?


At the end of the day, it is these small differences that make us so unique and yet so compatible.  He is my Ying to my Yang. My Sun to my Moon.

What are some things that you are polar-opposite from your other half? 


Yoga is YOUR practice, YOUR time, YOUR journey.  Let it be what YOU need it to be.  Step on your mat and Let it all Go.

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